About Us

Association of Indonesian Film Producers (APROFI) is a professional and independent organization consists of film producers, including but not limited to professional individuals and companies, in Indonesia.

Since the day it was established, APROFI has been actively arranging a wide range of initiatives for the purpose of advocacy, networking and overall improvements in the industry. With 3 advisors and 35 active members, APROFI strives to fulfill its goal and objectives:

  1. To improve the capacity of film producing in Indonesia, aiming for a competitive local scene qualified to keep up with international standard.
  2. To create internal rules and regulations that protect the needs of its members in dealing with other stakeholders in film industry.
  3. To drive the forming of an accreditation system for Indonesian film resources.
  4. To encourage the study and research about the market and potential of film industry in Indonesia.
  5. To reinforce the policies that support the industry.
  6. To assist in a conducive environment for the growth of investment in the film industry in Indonesia.